Monthly Archives: August 2006

Haven’t worked with these for a while

Here are some delicious Vignoles grapes delivered by grower and soon-to-be winery owner Keith Hutson from Twin Oaks Vineyard.  This is the first time we have worked with Vignoles for about 5 years, so it was good to have it back on the press pad again.  We processed about 4 tons of these grapes this […]
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Machine Harvesting…..

….the NY73 yesterday morning.  In the misty rain!  That big blue machine is the harvester and as you can see it straddles the row of grapes, shaking them off the vine as it goes down.  I was hoping to get an up close and personal shot, but my camera ran out of battery power.  Apparently, […]
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Our First Red Grapes of the season

Here’s a romantically named grape….NY73.  Gosh, it sounds much better when we make it into “Yadkin Creek” doesn’t it?!?  Our friend Bruce tells me that the grape-naming-powers-that-be have recently named this previously experimental variety, ‘Et Noir’.  ‘A Red’ or ‘The Red’ in English?  I don’t know French.  Someone please add a comment if you know A) what ‘et’ […]
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