A pressing report about chickens!

The guys are pressing out two batches of Chambourcin today and one batch of Nortons.  Here is the first batch of Chambourcin as it’s filling the press.  You can see the line of red on the press basket indicating how full the press is inside…and of course the wine dripping out the bottom.  They filled the first press load before noon and will be working on the second batch here before to long.

But onto what I wanted to show – our chickens.  They are getting a little more comfy with us, and venturing out further from their normal territory beside the winery.  Here they both are:

And here is Barb as she scratches in the leaves:

Which I’m assuming is to expose bugs and good things to eat, because she immediately starts pecking at the ground after scratching it up:

And after a good meal, it’s nice to take a walk in the woods.  Here’s Barb (or Bea, I can’t tell the difference!) peeking out from behind a tree:

Well, these two are fun to watch for a moment and their clucking is such a sweet sound.  So I hope they fare better than their other 3 siblings.  As Clyde says, they’re good fun for a city girl like me! 🙂 

Check out what’s going on…

..in our area this weekend!  Wildwood Springs Lodge has it’s first annual “Wildwood-stock” concert series.  I heard great reviews of last night’s concert, Melanie, and tonight is Iron Butterfly.  Tomorrow night is Canned Heat.  Call wildwood at 573-775-2400 for more information and ticket availability.

Saturday is also the Golden Oldies show at the Meramec Music Theater in Steelville.

And there is a Royal Enfield rally at Green’s Canoe Rental.  Music, campfires, cool bikes…what more could you ask for?

How about stopping by for some great wine while you are headed out to check out the events in the area this weekend?  It looks to be fabulous weather here, and the first of the leaves are changing too. 


Plus, tomorrow you can see the press in operation as Clyde and Jeff press out our Chambourcin.  The aroma is wonderful around here…so come on out and relax for a while!


Missouri Wine Tasting Tonight…

…at the University of Missouri St. Louis Campus….6:30 -9pm…..tickets cost $20 at the door.  The tasting is to be in the Mercantile Library which is located in the Thomas Jefferson Library Building (which faces the quadrangle).  More information can be had by calling 1-800-392-WINE or by visiting the Missouri Wine website.  There is an exhibit opening there tonight called History Uncorked….Two Centuries of Missouri Wine.  Should be educational and fun –  my two favorite things!  Hope to see you there!