Gift Baskets

O.k., as promised, here are the gift baskets I’ve made for the year.  Each basket is customizable with your choice of wines (or juice).  I’ve added a “base price” for the basket along with it’s contents.  Simply add the price of the wines you want in the basket to the base price and viola!  A great gift perfect for anyone over 21!

If you would like extra items added other than what you see listed, you’ll have to discuss that one with me personally for pricing.  To order, call me at 573-775-3000 at any time and I’ll get Clyde cracking on putting this on the online ordering form too.  So here they are:

Wine me up” basket: base price $16 includes basket, fill, 2 candy canes, 2 poinsettas, and assorted chocolates all shrink-wrapped.  Just add the cost of the wines of your choice.  This basket can accommodate one more bottle if you would like.


Wine glass basket“: base price $15 includes the basket, 2 wine glasses, 1 pocket corkscrew, 1 paring knife, and 1 poinsettia all shrink wrapped.  Just add the cost of the wine of your choice.


“Wine Bottle” basket: base price $10 includes crate, fill, and 1 poinsettia all shrink wrapped.  Just add the cost of the bottle of wine of your choice.

Give me a call (573-775-3000) or drop me an email for more information or to order.  Thanks!

Untraditional Thanksgiving Dinner

Thought I’d share a quick picture today…here is a bad picture of my dad and Clyde enjoying our Thanksgiving lobster:

I was shaking with hunger, so my camera steadiness left much to be desired.  We had my favorite wine, Chardonel, with the lobster and it was soooooo delicious.  I’ll have to add that to the wine list food pairing recommendations.  I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful, relaxing, and filling Thanksgiving day.

Clyde and I are back at the winery again.  I spent the day putting up Christmas decorations and Clyde shopped for tomorrow’s dinner.  Clyde’s daughter is coming for dinner….this time we are having goose.  I will let you know what wine we liked with that dish in another post.  Tomorrow I will tackle the outdoor decorations in the morning, and I’ll also make up our gift baskets.  I’ll post pictures of the baskets by Monday.  Cheers everyone!

Not another chicken picture!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  The winery is closed tomorrow (Thursday) but is open today and again on Friday for our normal business hours.  Clyde and I are having a traditional Thanksgiving lobster for dinner and these two are thanking us for it!

Whatever you are eating for Thanksgiving, I hope you have a glass of Peaceful Bend wine with it and even more importantly – I hope you enjoy all the blessings of a good life, great friends, and loving family.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!