We are back…

…after a week vacation to see Clyde’s parents in Florida.  So today is catch-up on paperwork, banking, and of course, laundry!  We will be open tomorrow, Dec. 30 from 11am – 5 p.m.; then we will close for New Year’s Day.  I’ll reopen the shop on Tuesday at noon and we’ll be open for our normal hours again.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and has fun plans for the New Year!  Cheers!

Happy Holidays!

Here is my Christmas, New Year, Hannuka, and Kwanzaa thought for all our wonderful customers, friends, and collegues!

Clyde and I wish you all love, joy, and peace this holiday season.  Thank you all so much for your support and friendship throughout our years here!

Mom’s Wine Pairings…

My mom emailed me this yesterday after she enjoyed a bottle of 2001 Meramec…

“It was great, went very well with
salmon-black cherry was the predominant flavor with hints of
elderberry and tobacco.  When I finished it up with the frozen
strawberries the last became very strong, still very good though.  So
you could add those foods to your list of things to have Merrimec
with,  Love,  Mom”

Thanks Mom!  And I also wanted to remind everyone that I’ll be at the Missouri Mercantile tomorrow, Saturday Dec. 16 from 3-6pm for an in-store wine tasting.  If you are in the hazelwood area tomorrow, come on by!  Cheers!