Norman and Vaughn Kids

Just had this picture forwarded to me and had to post it.  Wish I had something clever to add, but not sure it’s really needed.  Thanx John Hotze.

Norman and Kids

Clyde’s feeling poorly

He came down with the flu yesterday morning.  Poor guy. 

I’m using the new labeler today and getting enough wine ready to go to the Louisiana (MO) Winter River Festival this Saturday and Sunday.  If you recieved our newsletter yesterday or today, I have a change of location for the wine tasting at this Festival.  We will be housed at Eagles Nest Bistro, NOT Club Mississippi as originally planned.  CM pulled out at the last minute, so we’ll be getting a little closer at the Eagles Nest this year!  So, if you are bored this weekend, bundle up and come see us….and be sure to go to the polar plunge!  Cheers.

P.S.- If Clyde is feeling better by then, we may be able to get him to sing a little karoke on Saturday night along with Laura from Wenwood Farm Winery???