He paints too!


Not only does Clyde make fine wine, he is a fine painter as well.  Yesterday he took advantage of the nice weather and painted a used retail clothing rack we found a while ago for the salesroom.  He also painted a cart that he’ll use for a pump stand.  Then that evening he was my guest speaker for the Vesta class I’m teaching.  He’s so versatile – I love him!

The clothing rack above is getting primer gray here; but it’s going from a rusted-through dirty beige to a lovely soothing forest green.  And once it stops stinking to high heaven it will be covered up with Peaceful Bend t-shirts in the salesroom.  He painted his cart a lovely shade of midnight blue.  Ahhhh, all that wine will pumped by such a restful color.

You can probably guess who picked out the colors! 🙂  Cheers everyone!

New Shirts

Yesterday, my friend Kelly from Steelville Silkscreen Studio brought by my order of t-shirts.  Plus she brought a bunch of odds-n-ends example shirts for me to sell on consignment for her.  Here are our new logo shirts ($12):

And here is a consignment shirt that Clyde isn’t too wild about because of the sentiment:

He doesn’t have to worry though – since he makes wine, I won’t try to trade him!  Finally, here is a cute sweatshirt design Kelly came up with that Clyde likes much better:

I had fun looking through all of Kelly’s consignment shirts – great ideas.  You’ll have to come for a visit to see the rest!  Cheers!

Monday, Monday, Monday!

I spent most of the day getting caught up on work today.  We had a busy weekend of traveling to tastings.  I was in Potosi on Saturday and Clyde went down to Springfield on Sunday for a tasting.  Whew!  A big thanks to Julie for helping Clyde yesterday…sounds like he needed the extra person around!

Kelly from Steelville Silkscreen Studio brought by some cool new shirts today too, so I’ve had fun sorting through those too.  I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.  Cheers!