More about filtering

I promised a bit more about filtering, and here it is, our mess:

Clyde has just finished up filtering a batch of wine, and before he cleans up, I wanted to show the maze of hoses, bags, tanks, etc.  I tried to label each of the major pieces in the photo.  Basically, he pumps wine into the little tank and mixes in DE (diatomaceous earth), then that mixture is pumped through the filter.  The DE builds up on the cloth pads in the filter and create a fine filter that takes out sediment.  I believe there is one final filtration after this is finished to sterilize the wine too.  So more filter pics to come!

Here is the tank room where the wine has been sitting through the winter.  It’s also a maze at the moment.  You can see tanks all around the room, and a drain down the middle.  There is a blue pump towards the back too.  You can also see some water hoses and buckets to catch any spills in the photo below:

While this is not the most romantic look for our cellar, the smell of the wine is just fantastic!  Yummy aromas wafting up to the salesroom – makes me thirsty.  Hey, I just noticed it’s after 4pm – I think I might just pour myself a glass.  Cheers everyone!

Now that the bottles are here…

….Clyde is working feverishly on getting the wine ready to bottle!  Here are a couple of sample bottles of wine from Monday:

Notice how the bottle on the left is a nice light yellow?  And the bottle on the right is a pinky hue?  The ‘vidal’ bottle (I’m not sure that is the actual variety that he was testing here, but regardless…) didn’t have many sulphites in the wine.  Sulphite keeps the wine from oxidizing, so you can see that two days later, the color has changed and if you smelled it, you’d notice a weird smell to it as well.  Both bottles started out the same color on Monday!

Today Clyde is busy filtering.  Here’s the set up:

I’ll see if I can get better photos later of this process.  Basically though, the wine is mixed with diatomaceous earth (called DE, go figure!) and then pumped through these big white pads.  The DE builds up on the pads and takes out all kinds of things….bacteria, yeast, sugar particles, etc.  Once the wine gets through this machine, we are ready to go.  So we plan on bottling tomorrow morning.  Yea!

Today I cleaned up the cottage from a previous guest, and just fell in love with all the redbuds which are in full bloom.  Plus all the greens are turning vibrant around here.  Here’s a view from the back porch of the cottage (I’m going to put up a close-up on my personal blog here in a second if you want to check out another flower photo!):

And while we are speaking of the cottage – Bob is headed down next week to tear off this old heaving deck and replace it in another two weeks with a brand-spanking new one.  Oooooo aaaaah ooooooh.  My appologies for any inconveniences this causes.  However, I know what I’ll be blogging about in the near future too!  Cheers!

Grape Arts

Art St. Louis held a big fundraiser, called Grape Arts, where I poured Peaceful Bend wine on Sunday.  Here are a few pics of the event, which Terry graciously came along to help with.  Thanks Terry and everyone else at the event!

Here is one of the artists that donated a piece for the silent auction, Carol B. Eder (potter, made the two wine glasses and the vase that the flowers are in):

I poured wine for the Artmart table where the employees enjoyed some of our old vintage wines, plus a preview of our new Late Harvest Chardonel.  They seemed like they enjoyed it!:

And here is Terry and I after the event is over, taking a chance to sit and relax before we pack up.: