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More about filtering

I promised a bit more about filtering, and here it is, our mess: Clyde has just finished up filtering a batch of wine, and before he cleans up, I wanted to show the maze of hoses, bags, tanks, etc.  I tried to label each of the major pieces in the photo.  Basically, he pumps wine […]
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Now that the bottles are here…

….Clyde is working feverishly on getting the wine ready to bottle!  Here are a couple of sample bottles of wine from Monday: Notice how the bottle on the left is a nice light yellow?  And the bottle on the right is a pinky hue?  The ‘vidal’ bottle (I’m not sure that is the actual variety […]
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Grape Arts

Art St. Louis held a big fundraiser, called Grape Arts, where I poured Peaceful Bend wine on Sunday.  Here are a few pics of the event, which Terry graciously came along to help with.  Thanks Terry and everyone else at the event! Here is one of the artists that donated a piece for the silent auction, Carol B. […]
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