Bad, bad me!

Sorry for not blogging at all this week….but we bottled 1200 gallons of wine, so that’s my excuse!  Bob & Terry are visiting this weekend; so that means deconstruction must be happening….this morning Clyde and Bob pulled off the roof of the cottage.  Here’s a few shots of the action:

So in this picture, Clyde is on the left facing away from the camera and Bob is on the right.  Clyde parked our big tractor with a bin on the front next to the building.

There’s Clyde tossing the old shingles into the bin…..

….and Bob scraping off the old shingles.  They finished this job in about 2 hours, and are now picking up supplies at Lowe’s so tomorrow the new roof can go on.  Whew!

Mini Coopers Galore!

There’s Clyde opening bottles for the Community Counseling Center’s wine festival yesterday evening.  We had fun, and I think all the attendees did too!  We stayed the night in Cape Girardeau last night, then drove home this morning in time to get ready for the folks driving in to Peaceful Bend in all of these:

A Mini Cooper car club out of St. Louis came down for lunch today.  We had about 25 cars on the property.  Here’s a few more pics of the vehicles that came by today:

When the above car had it’s hood up, you saw these little red eyes on the wheel wells.  Too cute!

Here’s a few of the cooper car drivers after a fun visit:

Thanks to all the owners of those mini coopers for coming by.  Today is just gorgeous, so come on down for a visit!  Cheers!

2 quickies today….

We leave this afternoon to head down to Cape Girardeau for a tasting.  Clyde and I will be pouring our wine for the Community Counseling Center’s art and wine fundraiser starting at 6pm.

I also just received a note from the mini cooper car club.  They are having a little afternoon drive in the countryside tomorrow, and plan to arrive at our place around 1pm.  Looks like there will be about 20 or so cars – if you are a mini fan, come on down and check them out!

Oh yea, and smelly sneaky cat is back (see this post for more info).  Clyde saw him dart into the cellar two nights ago.  He is grey with white feet.  I think this is somewhat cute, except he just smells so bad.  So, after we get back, we will be cleaning out the dark recesses under the cellar stairs, which is where Clyde saw him run to the other night.  Or at least we’ll shine a bright light under there and see what the allure is under there.  On a bright note, no mice problems…. 🙂