Sleeping Not Sweating

We bottled yesterday, but more impressive to me was the day before when Clyde installed our air conditioning unit up in the bedroom:

There he is half hanging out of the second-story bedroom window to install the bracket the the air conditioning sits on.  Last night and the night before we actually got to sleep instead of sweat through the night.  Winemaker, roofer, and all-around handyman.  Thanks honey!

Jewelry by Terry

Terry came down this weekend from St. Louis to spend some time making bracelets and necklaces.  It was fun to chat with her while she worked….and she helped with the tasting bar on Sunday too.  Here are a few of the creations she made during the visit:

These bracelets run from $30-$45 each, and are available in the our tasting room.  If you happen to catch Terry here, she’ll even make a custom piece for you.  Cheers!

Cancelling an event

I’m sorry everyone, but I’ve had to cancel our upcoming Spa Escape weekend originally planned for Saturday June 23.  We will try to do this again later in the summer.  I’ll put information in upcoming newsletters and on the blog here.

Meanwhile, a few of you have commented that you’re not sure if our doggy, Jude, is actually alive or not.  Apparently her afternoon naps on the porch are pretty motionless!  So to prove she is alive, and if not active at least she IS moving, I present to you these pictures taken yesterday afternoon:

And she’s napping again.  Ah, the life of a dog!  Cheers.