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Then and now

He’ll kill me on this post, but in honor of Clyde’s 30-year class reunion last night, I thought I’d post up a little then-and-now.  Don’t be surprised if this is the last post he allows me! Then:  What a cutie! And now:  What a hunk! I had fun meeting many of Clyde’s high school classmates […]

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Sorry for the long absence

Fall always brings many things at us all at once.  And I ignored blogging for too long.  Fortunately, due to an early harvest year, last weekend brought the last of our grapes in.  Saturday we processed 4 tons of Chambourcin, and this past Monday we crushed 4 tons of Norton.  Clyde pressed out both batches […]

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Another Grape Weekend

This past weekend we brought in Chambourcin grapes from Jim Billhorn’s vineyard in Coffman MO.  Here’s Jim after a full day of picking: And Jeff raking the grapes into the destemmer/crusher: Half of the 6 tons of grapes was crushed directly into a tank in our cellar where it will ferment in contact with the […]

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