Then and now

He’ll kill me on this post, but in honor of Clyde’s 30-year class reunion last night, I thought I’d post up a little then-and-now.¬† Don’t be surprised if this is the last post he allows me! ūüôā


 What a cutie!

And now:

 What a hunk!

I had fun meeting many of Clyde’s high school classmates last night.¬† Plus we had fun talking about many of his memories of Lake St. Louis.¬† We drove around Wenztville this morning going to breakfast and his remarks were about how much the area had changed.¬† I guess that’s pretty much true where ever you go.¬† In any case, cheers go out to the class of 1977!

Sorry for the long absence

Fall always brings many things at us all at once.¬† And I ignored blogging for too long.¬† Fortunately, due to an early harvest year, last weekend brought the last of our grapes in.¬† Saturday we processed 4 tons of Chambourcin, and this past Monday we crushed 4 tons of Norton.¬† Clyde pressed out both batches yesterday, and is taking this weekend to go to his class reunion (I won’t say which one!).¬† Thank you to all out there that helped and encouraged us this last two months!¬† I’ll get back to some regular blog entries soon.¬† Promise.

Another Grape Weekend

This past weekend we brought in Chambourcin grapes from Jim Billhorn’s vineyard in Coffman MO.¬† Here’s Jim after a full day of picking:

And Jeff raking the grapes into the destemmer/crusher:

Half of the 6 tons of grapes was crushed directly into a tank in our cellar where it will ferment in contact with the skins of the berries.¬† The other half went directly into the press where the juice was pressed out before starting the fermentation.¬† Here is Clyde and Jeff taking a breath (and a carmel apple!)¬†while the press does it’s job:

When the press is finishing, all the splashing causes a bunch of foam on the top of the juice, which I think looks wild, so here is a close-up for you:

Mmmm…looks like grape fluff, doesn’t it?!!¬† We have one more BIG day of crush left this coming Monday.¬† Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well. ¬†Cheers!