Happy Halloween!

Late this summer Clyde discovered a volunteer watermelon plant that had grown over an old pile of compost in the back of the property.  It started too late to grow the melons to any eatable state, but it did get one large enough to make a jack-o-latern out of!

Clyde carved it this morning, and he’s hanging out on the front porch.  Probably hoping someone will give him some wine!

I haven’t been taking many pictures lately, and so unfortunately I didn’t get back until this morning to photograph the melon patch. 🙁  Frost has taken out most of the leaves, but here it is anyways:

Scary spooky fun.  Be safe all you trick or treaters out there, and all you chaperones too!  Happy halloween!

The roof is done and we are getting ready for the weekend again

Go ahead, make my day!

The guys finished up the roofing project last weekend on Sunday afternoon.  What a relief to have that done since on Monday the rain came.  The roof weathered the showers just fine too.  Here’s Bob & Clyde relaxing while the last of the shingles are cut down to size last Sunday:

Ahhhh, it’s done!  Now on to celebrate the new roof!  This coming Saturday, October 27, we will be enjoying the music of Elliott Ranney.  His tropical-sounding tunes are sure to keep us warm all afternoon.  Here’s a quick pic of Elliott playing at Peaceful Bend last year:

We hope to see you soon!  Cheers.

Thanks Ron for the great music!

We had a great time yesterday relaxing to the wonderful music.  The best way to relax from roofing!

And speaking of roofing….we continue today:

Getting the packs of shingles up to the roof, then unloading them:

Hmmmm….looks like Bob and Jeff on the roof are working hard while Clyde and Bill down on the tractor just sit around and pick their noses 🙂

Maybe the camera was around a bit too much?!  They are hoping to have this all finished up today, so next weekend it’ll be a little easier to get into the salesroom.  Plus, it’ll be dry inside – can’t beat that!