Free shipping on case orders extended

I talked with Clyde yesterday, and we decided to continue on with our free shipping offer for case wine purchases.  Cases consist of 12 bottles – you can mix and match varities all you want as long as it totals 12 bottles.  To order, feel free  to call us or order online here.

One of our goals in 2008 is to distribute more of our wine, so you can hopefully find it in your ‘neck of the woods’ a little easier.  Our offer of free shipping will extend until we find a state-wide distributor and get into a few more stores.  I don’t have an exact time on this, so I don’t know how long we will keep this offer open.  And just to note that I run your actual credit card by hand, so you can ignore the shipping charges that the online program will tell you it’s charging.

Thank you all for your patronage this past year and we hope to see you in 2008!

Cheers, Katie

The good, the bad, and the ‘it’s a darn good thing she’s cute!’

First off….I am open today (Saturday from 10-6pm), tomorrow (noon-5pm) and I will be open on Monday as well.  I’ll open up on Monday at 10am, but if I’m too slow, I might close early.  If you want to come by late afternoon on Monday, it might be worth giving me a call so I make sure to stick around – just in case.

 Then, I wanted to show off what Clyde was working on for the last week or so:

He’s been repairing the floor in the bathroom of our guest cottage, and installing new flooring.  It looks so bright and clean now.  It used to be a painted red concrete, just like what’s in the hallway outside the bathroom (hopefully to be replaced with the same stuff as the bathroom):

So that’s the good.  You might ask what’s the bad?  Well, I found a pile of feathers in the side yard of the cottage this morning:

This does not bode well for our rooster.  And I didn’t have to look far for a possible culprit:

Maggie was enthusiastically rolling in the grass next to the scene of the possible crime.  Highly incriminating!  It’s a good thing she’s cute.