Snow Logging

We decided to go ahead and try to get some logging done on our property this winter.  Pennock Logging came out today to begin, and about an hour and a half later, the snow started up.  I took my camera out and took a few photos of the truck set-up they have going out here.  Pretty cool to see for a city gal like me!

So just in case you are in the same boat, here is a lot of really big equipment:

This is a ‘skidder’ which hauls the big logs up out of the woods….the logs are skidding along behind the tractor.

Matt & his dad, Rob, own & operate Pennock Logging.  Here is Matt unhooking the logs from the skidder.

Matt drives off and leaves the logs behind the two truck.  The truck on the right has a big crane-like device with a giant hook at the end and a chair for the operator at the top.  They’ll pick the logs off the ground with that device and load them into the truck on the left.

There’s a side view of the crane truck.  The area where they park the trucks and bring the logs to is called ‘decking’.

This was a big walnut tree which warrants a special buyer, so they have it off to the side for the time being.  They are hoping to fully load both their trucks before they quit today, but are worried that the snow will make the roads bad so they might quit before everything is completely loaded.  With 4-8 inches predicted today, that sounds valid to me!  Stay warm and safe everyone – Cheers! 

Two More!

It’s a little easier to get Peaceful Bend wine in your hands now if you live in St. James or in St. Louis – last week we added two more stores that carry our wines.  You can find us in St. James at DJ’s Package & Sporting Goods located at 314 North Jefferson Avenue (phone #573-265-8138).  And in St. Louis, we just added a new retailer – Lukas Liquors located in Ellisville at the corner of Manchester and Clarkson (beside the kmart).  Have fun shopping!

Peaceful Bend at Osage Beach!

Yesterday I delivered 9 different wines over to the HyVee grocery store at Lake of the Ozarks.  Yippee!  The wine & spirits specialist, Bill VanPool, told me that he wanted to carry our wines since so many of you had requested them at his store.  So THANK YOU!  I hope this makes it easy for you to pick up a bottle of your favorite Peaceful Bend wine while you are hangin’ by the Lake! 

HyVee is located at the intersection of Hwy. 54 & 42, right next to the Target (or, um, the Target is located right next to HyVee).  If you have any questions for them, just call 573-302-7977.  Cheers!