The branded barrels are in place!

This past week, Clyde got busy taking barrels down, branding them, and putting them back in their proper spots.  Here’s what the back wall of our cellar looks like now:

missouri winery barrels

Although you see the ladder there, Clyde did not heft those barrels up to the ceiling by hand!  There is actually a pulley system that he and a customer rigged up a few years ago to accomplish this task.  Each barrel is tied to a rope which is threaded over the pulley; then a tractor does the heavy lifting.  Once the barrel is up in the air, it can be slid into its place on the top shelf.

missouri winery barrels 2

You can see the pulley hanging from a metal bar between the floor joists at the top left corner of this photo. 

The barrels are empty while they are being handled, and now that they are in place, Clyde will fill them up with wine using his remote-controlled pump.  All those Peaceful Bend-branded barrels are a fun sight to see in our cellar!  Cheers.

Last of the flooded dock photos

I promise.  I just wanted to show the aftermath, now that the water is back in it’s banks.

Our little dock sustained very little damage:

You can see our missouri winery dock again!

See the piece laying on the ground to the bottom right, just next to the dock.  That was the damage….the handrail on the left of the ladder down to the river came off.  The post that goes into the ground is laying parallel to the deck, and that part pointing away from the deck is the actual handrail.  Here’s the right handrail, still in place:

Missour winery dock 2.

There was a tree that came down just to the right of the dock, which created an eddy around our dock.  So I think once the railing came out of the ground, it hit the downed tree and stayed in the little tide-pool-like area.

O.k., no more flood photos, I promise.  I do want to let any of you know that if you have cabin reservations this spring at Adventure Outdoors, The Rafting Company, or Indian Springs to please call them as they all had varying levels of water in their cabins, and may not be able to host you for a while.