Monthly Archives: April 2008

Home, home on the range

I’m home this weekend – for the full weekend! Wow, what a change of pace from the last few weeks. To celebrate, I’m giving 10% off all the souvenir items in the salesroom today (Friday), tomorrow and Sunday. The catch is that you have to buy them here at the winery and mention that you […]

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Weird & Wild Wine Tank

I’m showing you all kinds of yummy stuff these days.  This picture is showing the doorway into one of our 1000 gallon wine tanks.  Clyde has filtered all the wine that was in the tank and now we are left with the remains from the cold-stabilization process: tartrate crystals.  OK, hopefully I get this one […]

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Truck unloading

I’m back after a busy end-of-week flurry of deliveries & tastings.  Sorry to have waited so long to post here.  A note from the comments in the last couple of weeks…thanks so much to all who posted well-wishes on our anniversary.  Also, thank you to Vivian for i.d.-ing those pretty little flowers for me….I’m going […]

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