Houston, We Have a Winner!

Clyde is out mowing, so I couldn’t draw names from a hat today.  So instead I went to Random.org’s Integer Generator, and it choose #2.  Congratulations Terry!

  1. Terry Says:
    My favorite wine? Meramec.. but you can find me sipping on a cold cold glass of Courtois on a hot summer day, yum yum yummy! By the way I think the Norton would go nice with the cicada (especially if it were chocolate covered) hahaha

You win four lite-up wine glasses!  Just send me a little email at the winery and we’ll figure out how to hand off your prizes.

My thanks to everyone that entered .  I had fun reading about your favorite wines…and your recommendations for Pepè to try with his cicada!  Have a great weekend everyone.  Cheers!