10th Annual Cellar Party

Well, it’s almost here, I can’t believe it!  We will be having our 10th Cellar Party this coming Saturday, November 1.  Music is 5-9pm, dinner served at 6pm, and lots of door prizes for attendees.  I just sent out an email about it, but if you aren’t on our email list, you can click here for all the details about the event.  And if you are not on our email list and wish to be, just click here for the sign-up form.

Check out some of the Cellar Party fun in previous years:

Hope you can join us!  Cheers.

It’s Almost Halloween

It’s a perfect time to find out about this…….

After several ‘unexplainable’ events, our friends over at the Caledonia Wine Cottage had a paranormal investigation team out to get to the bottom of things (or at least validate their experiences!)  And as it turns out, there really is a ghostly presence at the rehabbed civil war hospital.  Now, CWC’s food is yummy and their hospitality is warm, but this deliciously scary news sends chills right down my spine!  Read all about it by clicking here.

And if you read the article through to the end……there IS TOO a perfectly logical reason why the corks were flying out of bottles.  It just goes to show that even ghosts have good taste in wine!  🙂

Work Dog, Work!

Our dogs are big moochers (for that matter, so are our cats) – if you have ever had a picnic here, you already know that! But I don’t want you to think that they only single out unsuspecting hungry winery guests.  No, our dogs are equal-opportunity moochers.  They will even mooch the very grapes that we would like to make wine out of too!

It’s a good thing they are cute, I tell ya.

Here’s Pepe, enjoying a few stray grapes that missed the hopper they were intended for:

He’s actually performing a valuable vacuuming service….if we were to step on those stray grapes, we might slip and hurt ourselves.  Thank you Pepe.

But it turns out that he’s a bigger tripping hazard than the grapes; plus I get nervous when he’s around all the moving machinery.  So he was banished from the press pad.

Fortunately there was a another source of grapes available.  A source far enough away from the press pad that it doesn’t bother me to much.  We keep a big, shallow bin to collect the stems, leaves, and other things that are spit out from the destemmer/crusher.  Pepe quickly learned to chow down there:

He has to be careful even in this bin though…..he’s fighting the bees for these grapes!

Hmmmm……Pepe’s contract clearly states that he is allowed to lay down on the job.  He’s had his fill of grapes and is ready for quality time with his mom, Maggie:

It is not our job to discipline him (well, ok, technically it is), it is just our job to scratch his tummy!