Happy Thanksgiving!

Eat me!

hahaha….couldn’t resist.  Hope every one has a great day tomorrow!

The salesroom is closed all day Thursday (Nov. 27) in honor of Thanksgiving, but we’ll be open again on Friday & the weekend for our normal hours.  I’m also open today (Wednesday) from 10-5pm…..I’m in and out of the salesroom though since I have a little bit of cooking to prepare for.  Just honk your horn if I’ve missed that you drove in, and I’ll be right over.

My sister & parents are headed this way for Thanksgiving.  What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year?

Oh, and if you are wondering what to do with leftover turkey on Friday, try this recipe.  It’s quick to prepare, and you can alter it to your taste easily.  Cheers everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!

A Quick Link Share

Just a quick note tonight…..

Are you dieting during the holidays?

Friend & customer Keri, a fitness instructor at Radiant Fitness Living in KY has a wonderful weekly blog.  During the holidays she is doing a once-a-day entry to help those who are trying to lose weight during the calorie-laden holidays.  Today’s Radiant Fitness blog entry is all about alcohol calories….just wanted to share in case any of you are struggling with holiday weight gain.

Maybe while Keri is here at PBV, we can have a little belly dance class to help work off the turkey day dinner. Yep.  Maybe.  🙂


We Were Outvoted, I’m Sorry.

Well, despite everyone’s (with a couple notable exceptions) agreement with me about painting the stove, we will be installing it for this winter as is.  He wants to install this stove really soon and doesn’t have time to properly sandblast all that rust off the stove.  And since I have no idea how to any of that type of thing, I couldn’t really argue him out of his decision.

BUT,  Clyde is creating a removable tile floor so that we can take out the stove in the summer.  So when we remove it next year we can spend the time to sandblast & paint the stove properly.  Thanks for everyone’s input – you all had some great advice that we’ll put to use in the future!

So…..Clyde spent yesterday creating a little 6X3 foot floor that the wood stove will sit on.  Here he is getting a frame made for the masonite base:

This morning he brought up the finished base to the salesroom.  Here he is checking to make sure all the tile would fit in properly:

It all fit just fine thank goodness, and here’s a little overview of where the stove will go, just in case you’re familiar with the salesroom:

We’re not sure if we’ll be leaving this at an angle or not yet.  We have a day or so to decide….Clyde’s next job is to glue & grout all the tile.  Despite it’s lack of paint, I am getting excited to have the stove in here…it will be so neat to have a fire going in here this winter.  We can all sit by the fire, sip some wine, and laugh about how well Clyde & I listen to suggestions!