What’s New Here for the New Year

Last week I showed you a pic of Clyde fixing our salesroom bathroom floor.  He was able to finish it up on Christmas day, and so now I give our new floor:

Just in time for 2009!  And Clyde is enjoying his new equipment purchase for the winter:

A new rubber apron.  This might not seem like such a valuable piece of equipment, but when the cellar temperatures are around 50 degrees, and he is spraying down tanks with water & cleaner a rubber apron certainly helps keep him dry.  And dry means he’ll be warmer!

Today we are bottling the last wine for this year- a batch of Whittenburg.  I hope to grab a few photos to show you on Friday.  I’ll also be back on Friday with another Wine Chat.  Stay tuned!

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve.  We’ll ‘see’ you next year (lol – I couldn’t resist).  Cheers!

Wine Chat #2

Thanks to Julie for this week’s wine chat topic – ‘when do you need to decant & for how long?’  Check out the video below to find the answer.  And if you have any wine-related questions, just leave them in the comment section and we’ll use them in upcoming wine chats.  Cheers!

We Wish You Peace

Whatever holiday you might be celebrating, Clyde and I hope you are surrounded by friends, family, love, and peace.  Cheers!