3 things for the Weekend

I’ve got three things to start out the weekend.

First up, just want to let you know that I’ll be pouring & selling our wine at the St. Louis Travel Show in the St. Charles Convention Center tomorrow and Sunday (Jan. 31-Feb.1)  It’s FREE to go to the show!!  So come on out, and be sure to visit booth 171!  Click here for the St. Louis Travel Show website.

Second, we have two more stores where you can find our wines in the greater St. Louis area.  In Chesterfield you can find our wines at Veritas Gateway to Food and Wine.  Visit their website or call Veritas at 636-530-9505.  Or in St. Charles you can find us at Bombay Wine & Spirits.  Bombay’s phone number is 636-949-6633.

And last but not least is the Weekly Wine Chat.  This week I show you how to use those twistup corkpullers (or as one customer called it -‘ the prongs of wine’).  I hope you find the video helpful, and if you have any wine related questions, please be sure to put them in the comments section or email us with your questions.  Cheers!

Sledding Videos

We took our flexible flyers out on the big hill behind the winery last night, and I have the youtubes to prove it!  So now, without further ado – nor grammar/spelling/punctuation mistakes – I take you virtual sledding with us:

Here’s Julie plus dogs:

And finally chicken self – note how much slower I am going than Clyde and Julie have been in the previous videos!

Well, yesterday’s snow day was nice, but we are back to work today. Clyde is getting wine ready to bottle tomorrow. Hope you all had fun sledding with us! Cheers.

Work? On a Tuesday? How Ridiculous!

Especially when we had the perfect snow for using our radio flyer sleds.  The runners on the bottom of these sleds require a certain amount of ice (or at least a hard, hard packed snow) to function properly.  We haven’t seen this good of radio flying conditions since we moved here 10 years ago.  So you’ll hopefully forgive us for not answering the phone around lunchtime today.   Here’s the action:

First Clyde went flying down the hill and caught some air:

Then he shows Julie what to watch out for since he just broke his sled.

Julie’s calm, confident, and ready to show this hill whose boss!  If only she could see.

The heck with the laying down stuff – Julie tries out sled-boarding:

Then I detached my finger from the shutter of my camera.  That was not so easy since it had pretty much frozen in place.  I kept enough of my finger to be able to give the hill a run of my own:


Tonight we will tackle the big hill going down to the river.  First, Clyde needs to fix his sled.  Then we will drink mulled Norton by the fire to thaw out our fingers & toes.  I’d say to come join us, but I don’t want you on these roads right now.  Stay warm out there everyone, and I might be back tomorrow with a sledding video (um, so you don’t want any wine related stuff here on this blog do you?)   Cheers!  🙂