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Ch Ch Ch Changes

As promised in yesterday’s post, Clyde and I and finally repairing the ceiling in the salesroom.  Well, ok, I lied.  Actually Tim Margulis from Cherokee Construction & Landscaping is repairing the ceiling and we are cheering him on.  But the ceiling repair has spurred us to rearrange the salesroom in a big way.  We’ll also […]

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Wine Chat #11

This week I go over a few options for replacing your wine cork. And just a quick note before the video…we are fixing the ceiling in the salesroom this weekend, so please bear with our mess if you come by on Saturday or Sunday. Once the ceiling is fixed we’ll be rearranging the salesroom in […]

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This Car Is Loaded

with wine that is! Julie loaded up the car this morning to go make a few deliveries in St. Louis.  She’ll be taking wine to Friar Tuck’s in Crestwood (314-918-9230) and at their newest location at 792 Gravois Bluffs Blvd.  Also, she’ll deliver wine to the Liquor Shack at 8284 St. Charles Rock Rd.  Busy […]

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