Ch Ch Ch Changes

As promised in yesterday’s post, Clyde and I and finally repairing the ceiling in the salesroom.  Well, ok, I lied.  Actually Tim Margulis from Cherokee Construction & Landscaping is repairing the ceiling and we are cheering him on.  But the ceiling repair has spurred us to rearrange the salesroom in a big way.  We’ll also be repainting.  So expect something totally different next time you come here!

Here’s a little view of what the salesroom looked like on Wednesday afternoon, before we started packing, clearing, and saying ‘ewww…look how big this dust bunny got!’:

That was the view as you walked in the salesroom door.  The next photo is the view from the salesroom door as of Thursday afternoon:

And here’s the view on Friday afternoon just before the refridgerator is moved and plastic sheeting put up to try (possibly in vain) to keep dust down:

And then I photographed the weekend tasting bar just like you’ll see it if you come in this weekend:

After Tim finishes the ceiling, I plan on painting the walls light yellow with a green accent along the upper slanted parts.  Then we’ll bring the extra tasting bar back in and a new cooler for the cold wine.  So hopefully this will all go pretty quickly and it won’t be too much of an inconvenience for you all.  Once it’s done, there will be lots of floor space opened up and we’ll have much more seating available inside for these cold weather days or on rainy days.

Have a great weekend everyone!  Cheers.

Wine Chat #11

This week I go over a few options for replacing your wine cork. And just a quick note before the video…we are fixing the ceiling in the salesroom this weekend, so please bear with our mess if you come by on Saturday or Sunday.

Once the ceiling is fixed we’ll be rearranging the salesroom in a big way!  We’ll have a lot more indoor seating available once we finish with the project.  I’ll give you a sneak peak into the new layout tomorrow, so stay tuned!  For now, here’s the weekly wine chat.


This Car Is Loaded

with wine that is!

Julie loaded up the car this morning to go make a few deliveries in St. Louis.  She’ll be taking wine to Friar Tuck’s in Crestwood (314-918-9230) and at their newest location at 792 Gravois Bluffs Blvd.  Also, she’ll deliver wine to the Liquor Shack at 8284 St. Charles Rock Rd.  Busy day!

I had a dream about floating last night, so I thought I’d share a quick Meramec River fact I learned a couple weeks ago.  Did you know that the Meramec River has more species of crawfish than anywhere else in the U.S.?  I certainly didn’t!  Crawdads, as my neighbors prefer to call them, shed their exoskeletons 11 times during a season and need a whole bunch (that’s the technical requirement) of calcium to help them form new exoskeletons.  Apparently our aquifers impart a higher calcium level to the Meramec’s water and that’s why these little mudbugs thrive in our river.  That little tidbit of info might just be useful for a Trivia Night sometime.

All this writing about crawfish has distracted me from floating and made me hungry.  Oh for a Crawdad Boil….

….served with ice cold Courtois.  Sigh.  I better go fix lunch – hope you are all enjoying a wonderful day!  Cheers!