Winner Dinner

If you’ve been reading this blog since the beginning of the year, you might remember that Clyde and I gave away a homemade dinner with us as blog candy back in January.  Well, last night we made good on our blog candy promise.  The winner, Kelly brought along three fabulous friends to enjoy the blog candy.  Great conversation, delicious smoked roasts, and the fireplace kept everyone warm and happy.

Here are a few quick highlights from the evening.  First, to really start the celebration out with a little excitement, Clyde popped the top on a bottle of Missourahpagne:

Once the cap was off the bottle, we came back inside, where Clyde explained the champagne process.  Oh, and he poured a few glasses of the sparkly stuff too.

Everyone toasted to Kelly for winning:

And while waiting for Clyde to finish the roasts, I found out that Kelly loves Opera music.

We tested out different shaped wine glasses with positive results.  (I’ll definitely have to do a wine chat video on that topic soon.)  Finally we stopped talking long enough to eat:

Pretty yummy!

Thank for coming out everyone – Clyde and I had a great time and hope you enjoyed dinner!

And for everyone else out there, keep checking back on our blog here for more blog candy throughout the year!  Cheers.

Wine Chat #14

This week I had a question about why wineries are using synthetic corks, so that’s what today’s youtube is about.

Before I get to that however, just a quick note to let you know that Julie will be at The Wine and Cheese Place in Ballwin (14748 Clayton Rd. – 314-962-8150) on Saturday afternoon for a wine tasting.

That’s it!  Here’s the video – hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to ask wine-related questions in the comments section!


Colorful Cleaning

Clyde and I spent an hour or so this morning picking up leftover posts in the old vineyard that we are ripping out this year.  As I walked around, I noticed that things are getting pretty colorful here at Peaceful Bend!

The purple vinca is blooming:

The pink cherries:

The green fields (and grey skies):

Ah spring!  Oh yea, and the black puppy:

Haha…looks like Pepé is enjoying spring as much as I am.  Hmmm….I think I need to go rub a belly!  Cheers!