Our neighbors began haying our fields this week.  They cut it all down on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Last night they came out and raked as much as they could.  This is what the field looked like this morning around 7am.  You can see some of the rows that have been created, and that a lot of it is still loose on the ground in this field.  The dogs and I headed out to take a closer look.

That’s a close look at the rake they used yesterday.  Today I imagine they will finish raking and then bale it all up in the big round bales.  Pepe and Maggie thought these rows of hay were good for one thing:

They had fun, but boy do they stink now.  Baths were needed all around after this morning’s walk!

Well, just a quick note to let you all know that not only do we have Harvest Mist back on the shelf, but we also have Huzzah Valley bottled and for sale again too.  If it’s too hot to be outside this weekend, come join us in the winery salesroom where you can stay cool and enjoy a glass of wine.  Or if you are near Columbia, MO check out the Grand Tasting of the Columbia Food & Wine Festival.  I’ll be there from noon – 6pm on Saturday.  Cheers!

I’ve been a bad blogger

Sorry to go almost a whole week with no posts.  We have been busy bottling and labeling though.  I just have a quick post to let you all know that the Harvest Mist has been bottled.  Today we are bottling Huzzah Valley, so it will be on the shelves again by late afternoon.  Thanks so much for your patience!