I’m interested to know….

….How is wine a part of your life? Do you drink it every day? Once a week? Only on special occasions? Do you tend to drink wine at a certain time of day? Are you loyal to only one type of wine or do you enjoy a variety? Is there anything about wine in general that you find frustrating or un-enjoyable?

Inquiring minds want to know!  (Did I ask too many questions?)

I get a question along these lines at least once a week, and I’m just interested to find out how you all consume wine. If you can take the time to leave a comment here or on facebook, or email me: katieatpeacefulbenddotcom with your answers, I would definitely appreciate it.

I’ll probably appreciate it so much that everyone’s name that responds by Tuesday next week will go into a drawing for a blog candy surprise! O.k, forget the ‘probably’ in that last sentence; I will put all responders’ names into a drawing! 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!  Cheers!

Sybill’s St. James

I’m making a delivery of Whittenburg to Sybill’s restaurant in St. James this morning. For those of you who enjoy fine dining, Sybill’s is the place to go in our region (and not just because they are carrying our wine!). I love the beet and goat cheese salad, but you simply cannot go wrong with whatever you choose at Sybill’s. Once we have Meramec back on the shelf, we will hopefully have that wine available at Sybill’s as well. Cheers, and Bon Apetit!

It’s National Pancake Day today!

On rare occasions, my mom would serve us pancakes for dinner. Delightful! Delicious! I loved to smear peanut butter over at least one and watch it melt on top of the warm pancake. Then it made a cool-looking mess on the plate when it dripped off of the pancake en route to my mouth. I’m sure it made a mess on the tablecloth too, but Mom never said anything about it. I still love to smear peanut butter on a pancake every now and then.

Well, if you need an excuse to eat pancakes for dinner, then I would think National Pancake Day is a good enough reason. And for those of you who do not like sweets for dinner, try this savory crepe recipe instead (pictured above).

A nice glass of Concord with the breakfast-style pancakes would be great, or reach for the Harvest Mist if you try the Asparagus Chicken Crepe link. ?Cheers!