I got a call last night that we received a gold medal at the Missouri Wine Competition for our Huzzah Valley.  All you Huzzah fans, clink those glasses together with us! (Sorry for the Christmas in July photo there….it’s the only one I had in my drive that was internet-ready.)

We won’t know the full results of the competition until this evening, so I’ll post again on Friday with any other medal updates.  Cheers!

ETA: I’m just adding the other result here instead of in a new post.  At the tasting last night we found out that the Meramec won a bronze medal too.  A very fun night all around!

So long Daylilies

We had some gorgeous blooms on our daylilies this summer, but I think my last blooms came and went this week.  The lily above is a new variety I planted last year, and I love the color of those petals. That red reminds me of a glass of Norton.

Hmmmm….speaking of which, a glass of Norton sounds pretty good right now!

Have a great weekend everyone.  Cheers!

Many Thanks

I need to send out some blog love to Julie & Jim Lundsted for giving Clyde and I a set of Riedel Norton wine glasses this past weekend.  They have been so much fun to use and I’m so grateful to you both for giving them to us!

Also my thanks to Suzanne & Charles Crowley for the delicious chocolate cake you brought by.  We gobbled it up too quickly to take any pictures of though!

Speaking of food, I also need to thank Scott, Grace, Farkle Man, and Stella for the delicious sugar cookies.  And the luckiest round of left right center I’ve ever played!

Fun, fun weekend – thank you all!