Last October Saturday for 2010!

We are celebrating the last weekend of October with Michele Isam & Mike Newman playing in our wine garden from 1:30-4:30pm tomorrow.

Plus, Greg Land will be back with his nail art, and Crystal & Mac will be giving carriage rides throughout the afternoon.  The weather prediction is sunny and in the 60’s, which means we’ll probably have those campfires going too.  We’d all love to see you tomorrow!

Photos from this past weekend

We’ve had lots of fun the last few weekends listening to music, but we’ve had other activities going on at the same time too.  I thought I’d show off some of the other offerings from this past Saturday.

St. James area nail artist, Greg Land, set up shop next to our front porch to create customized pieces for our visitors.  He’ll be back again this coming Saturday (Oct. 30).  Here’s another picture of his pieces:

Greg has been a customer for years and has described how he makes these to me before.  It was so cool to see him put together pieces here though…nothing like seeing it in person!

While Greg was busy creating nail art, John Goggins – another long-time customer – was busy celebrating his birthday by carving us a pumpkin:

Boy that’s something when I receive a gift for someone else’s birthday!  I’ve officially dubbed this the ‘Great Pumpkin’ just like the Peanuts cartoon.

Also on Saturday Crystal and her horse Mac gave carriage rides throughout the afternoon.  Clyde thought fast enough to film them on one of the rides:

It’s so fun to see that wagon go out and everyone smiling in anticipation!

After all the fun on Saturday, we were ready to relax a little on Sunday afternoon.  Crystal’s niece Alyssa provided just the right atmosphere for us.  Alyssa learned to play guitar last year and has turned out to be quite a talent!  We and a few of the customers that came by on Sunday really enjoyed listening to her play and sing.

After a couple of hours, Alyssa’s fingers started to get pretty sore.  Fortunately, she comes from a musical family, so her dad jumped in on the guitar for a few pieces.

Clyde joked that we needed to fill her tip jar so that she can afford new jeans.  Her mom let us know that those jeans came brand-new with the rips in them.  Talk about Deja Vu!  When I was a teen, torn jeans were the ‘in’ thing. Listening to that interplay brought back moments from my own teen years of adults teasing me with similar comments (and my parents’ own eye rolling at the style)!  It was definitely a cute moment.

This coming Saturday (Oct. 30) we’ll have Greg back, Crystal will be here with Mac again, and Michele Isam and Mike Newmann will entertain visitors from 1:30-4:30pm.

Alyssa has been invited back for this coming Sunday too – if you’re available, come help us with her new jeans fund!  😉