A few customer pictures to warm up with on a cold day

Clyde and I really love it when you all email, write or facebook us with your Peaceful Bend experiences.  In the last couple of weeks, we’ve received a couple of notable emails with some wonderful pictures that I wanted to share with everyone here on the blog.  These pictures have me dreaming of warm weather on this cold snowy day!

First up is Bill and Mary Dunkus, owners of Interstate Motorcycles in St. James.  They took a vacation to Texas along with a bottle of Forche Renault.

Bill wrote a bit about their experiences:

“How has the first part of 2011 been for you?” Your January newsletter begins.  I’m glad you asked!

Mary and I just got back from South Padre Island, TX where we spent a FULL week in a hotel on the beach for a little MUCH needed R&R. We took along with us a bottle of your Forche Renault that our very dear friends, Paula and Greg Land had given to us as a Christmas gift. The attached photos show us putting the luscious drink to good use on a 50 foot catamaran dinner cruise on the Laguna Madre at sunset. We enjoyed the wine with fresh, fat Gulf shrimp and thick cut beef fajitas grilled on the rear deck as we sailed.

Thank you both, Katie and Clyde for the hard work that goes into every vintage and a special thanks to Paula and Greg who know our weak spot is always a good, dry red wine at the end of a beautiful day.

Your welcome Bill and Mary!  I just wish we’d could have been there with you! 🙂

And yesterday I received an email from Erica McKimmey, who sent along a picture she took here at Peaceful Bend back in June:

This is really making me want spring and a cold glass of Courtois.  Here’s what Erica wrote:

I have unintentionally held on to this image for a long time. My husband, my son and I came by your winery in June 2010. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful day of our summer vacation. Just wanted to share the image with you and say thank you again; we enjoyed our visit. We will be back in 2011!

We are definitely looking forward to seeing you in 2011 too!  And if anyone else has photos, or memories that you don’t mind sharing with us, please feel free to email us at any time.  We love hearing from you, and seeing where our wine travels!


P.S. – If you travel to see us this weekend, I’ll be opening our Cabernet Sauvignon for samples.  Normally we don’t have this one available for samples, so be sure to stop in to give it a try!