Quick Weekend Update

Whew, it’s been a busy weekend already here at Peaceful Bend!  We’ve been a stop on the Spyderfest passport program, and have had fun meeting Spyder riders from all over the world.

Jason Evans will be playing today (Sat.) from 1:30-4:30pm here at the winery, so come on out and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Or head to Richwoods, MO where Jane and Trevor will be pouring wine for The Grape Escape from 3-7pm.

Hope to see you this weekend!  Cheers!

Going with the flow….

Well, according to the latest graph, the Meramec crested yesterday at 16.17 feet above flood stage around 8pm.  It’s been going down ever since.  Unfortunately I had a meeting up in Columbia yesterday, so I couldn’t document the rising waters, but this morning I hiked down to the river to take a few photos around 8am.

By the time I got down to the river frontage, the water was just barely in it’s banks on our side of the river.  We are on the cut bank side of the bend, so the water goes down pretty quick here.

And here’s our steadfast Birch, just going with the flow of mother nature’s whims:

The river is predicted to continue to drop quickly, so hopefully this guy will be out of the floodwaters soon.  Of course, as I’m writing this blog post it’s raining cats and dogs again.  So we’ll see!

Tomorrow we are supposed to bottle our Meramec wine plus we’ll be a stop on the Steelville Chamber of Commerce’s Progressive Dinner in the evening.  Hopefully it stops raining today so that the appetizers aren’t too soggy tomorrow.


The Meramec is Flowing, but I’m not talking about the wine this time…

After all the rain we’ve been receiving lately, I figured the Meramec would be out of it’s banks.  So this morning I headed down to the river front to check it out.  The picture above shows the river just barely out of it’s banks around 7:30am.

Here’s a peek at what must be the toughest tree in the Meramec last fall:

Most of the time this birch is out of the water, like you see in the picture above taken back in 2009.

See all those dead leaves piled up in the branches?  They were deposited there during the last big flood when that poor birch had to withstand the raging waters like it is now:

It’s hung through several floods now and just keeps growing.  It looks like this week will be another test for the tree.  Currently the Meramec is predicted to crest at 20 feet above flood stage on Tuesday afternoon.  But with all this rain coming, who knows?!!

Fortunately the winery is way above the river, so we don’t have to worry about any damage due to flooding.  I am definitely looking forward to some sunshine though!  Stay dry out there everyone.  Cheers.