Going with the flow….

Well, according to the latest graph, the Meramec crested yesterday at 16.17 feet above flood stage around 8pm.  It’s been going down ever since.  Unfortunately I had a meeting up in Columbia yesterday, so I couldn’t document the rising waters, but this morning I hiked down to the river to take a few photos around 8am.

By the time I got down to the river frontage, the water was just barely in it’s banks on our side of the river.  We are on the cut bank side of the bend, so the water goes down pretty quick here.

And here’s our steadfast Birch, just going with the flow of mother nature’s whims:

The river is predicted to continue to drop quickly, so hopefully this guy will be out of the floodwaters soon.  Of course, as I’m writing this blog post it’s raining cats and dogs again.  So we’ll see!

Tomorrow we are supposed to bottle our Meramec wine plus we’ll be a stop on the Steelville Chamber of Commerce’s Progressive Dinner in the evening.  Hopefully it stops raining today so that the appetizers aren’t too soggy tomorrow.