A Stray Dog

This little guy showed up at the winery about a week ago.  He’s just a bit taller than my ankles and has a nice, mellow personality around customers so far.  Do you know of anyone missing this doggie?

Or do you want him?  We can’t keep him here, so hopefully someone comes forward for this little bundle of fuzziness.

Give me a call or drop me an email if you have any information or just want to adopt him for yourself.  Thanks!

Ramping It Up

Saturday afternoon brought by a surprise from Mark Hatfield.  He made a portable ramp to get up the final step into the salesroom.  Here it is:

Very cool – thanks Mark!!!  (By the way, we featured Mark back in February here on the blog.)

We’ll keep this ramp just under the carport during most days, and will be happy to bring it out at any time someone needs it.  If you call ahead we’ll have it set up before you arrive, or just holler through the door and we’ll come out and set it up for you once you are here.

Hope you are enjoying a great start to the week.  Cheers!

Happy Father’s Day!

My sis and I were blessed with one of the best dads ever, and he means a great deal to both of us.  We don’t have any brothers, so this quote might just be the perfect one for my pop:

There’s a special bathroom in heaven for the father of girls.

Happy Dad’s Day to all you dads out there that help to make your children’s lives happy, healthy, laughing, and loving lives.  My glass is raised to you!  Cheers!