Catching Up

What an amazing weekend we enjoyed last weekend.  It was so wonderful, I’m just now recovered from it!  😉  Good thing too, since it’s time for another great weekend.

I’ve been bad and haven’t shared anything on the blog here for too long, so here is a video of the trio last weekend playing the second movement of Trio in G Major by Carl Stamitz.

2011 Wine Cellar Concert on youtube.

My wine pairing recommendation with the video is a glass of Dry Creek if you’re in the mood for a white wine or Meramec if you are in the mood for red.  😉

A huge thanks to Arts Rolla and Brewer Science for sponsoring the concert again this year. And a special note of congratulations to Brewer Science on 30 years in business!

Sale Sale Sale!

Attention Forche Renault fans!  We are overstocked on our Forche Renault, so while supplies last, we are having a 2-for-the-price-of-1 sale on the Forche!

For every bottle of Forche Renault you buy, get one at no extra charge. This is a great opportunity to stock up on your favorite wine.  You can buy one case and get a second case at no charge to stock up for last-minute birthday gifts, to serve at a party or as an easy thing to take to your next potluck dinner.

Or buy one bottle to drink for your picnic here and receive a second bottle to take home with you. 😉

This sale is only good in our tasting room or in our online shop, so hurry in to stock up on Forche Renault!  Cheers!