Mississippi Sawyers

This past Saturday we hosted The Mississippi Sawyers in our wine cellar.  I haven’t done much concert photography lately, and watching my neighbor Crystal and my friend Terry snapping shots during the concert inspired me to do the same.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from Saturday.  Hope you enjoy them too!

It was hard to get the whole band in a picture since the banjo player on the far right wasn’t in much light.  Also, part of the event Saturday included videos from the John Hartford Memorial Festival, so instead of a backdrop of barrels, the Mississippi Sawyers had a screen backdrop.

There that’s better!  Now we can see that banjo player!  Anyone know any good banjo jokes?

And finally, the last shot is of bass player/singer Candice:

She was hiding behind either the mic or the others for most of my shots, so I was happy to finally get this close-up of her while she was singing.  If you are in the St. Louis area and you like bluegrass, I highly recommend seeing the Mississippi Sawyers – they were very entertaining!


The best laid plans…

I was planning to have a whole pictorial review of our weekend up here by this afternoon, but I got caught up in a few other activities today. Instead, head on over to Murphy’s Place blog and read all about Crystal’s take on our Saturday night in the cellar.

I viciously stole one of her pictures to give you a preview of the fun before you check out her entry though…


Mississippi Sawyers

The Mississippi Sawyers are playing here tonight at 7:30pm during the John Hartford Memorial Fest Fundraiser.  Bring along your own instrument to pick & grin before or afterwards (even if it’s just your ears!).  Food will be available and videos of many of the bands that played during the memorial festival will be playing during non-event times.  Donations are requested at the door – $20/person; $30/couple; $40/family.

Here’s a video of the Mississippi Sawyers:


Don’t worry, the concert is in the cellar, so you can stay nice and cool during all this heat! Hope to see you here tonight!