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This past week was filled with lots of wine chatter on the web.  I’ll start with a link I’m adding under the ‘what will they come up with next?’ category: a car powered by wine and cheese.  Well, sorta powered by wine and cheese.  Read all about it here.

Wine received quite a shake up this past week.  Figuratively and literally.  Literally, here’s an in-store-camera video of a wine store in Washington during the earthquake that shook up the east coast on August 23.  Figuratively speaking, the internet wine celeb, Gary Vaynerchuk announced that he is retiring from his starring role on his daily internet show Wine Library TV.  You can read about Gary V’s announcement here.

In health news, many of you have probably already heard that red wine might be a great thing for your heart.  But have you wondered why?  This article attempts to get to the heart of the matter.  🙂

Having a hobby is good for you too, so if you’re crafty, check out this cork heart sculpture and get your hot glue on!

And friends are good for you, so why not invite them over for a wine & cheese party?  Make your own Wine Glass Collars for the party so everyone can keep track of their glasses and make notes at the same time.

Have you ever wondered how to choose the right wine glass?  This article is for you.  Although, personally, any drinking vessel works for me if I want at the wine!

I noted a couple of site here and here that showed off some pretty awesome wine racks.  You might ooo and aaah over the gold leaf rack, but I’m wanting this one:

 Doesn’t it look like something out of Alice in Wonderland?

While we are on the home front, here’s another site with wine barrel decor ideas.

Finally, I wanted to leave you with something sweet from my wine web wanderings this week.  For you cooks out there, check out this recipe for a Berry wine ice cream sauce.  It looks delicious!

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Sipping Sunday

Tomorrow (Monday) we will be processing Vignoles grapes.  Come on by in the morning to check out the equipment in action!