This week’s wine web wanderings didn’t have any health information about wine – a subject which seems like it was all over the web in the last few weeks.  Instead, I found several articles and blog posts geared for the beginning wine aficionado.  Plus a couple of general-interest items too.

First up is an article about the Missouri Wine Passports.  If you haven’t discoverd this program yet, then be sure to check it out – you can earn over $200 in prizes just by having fun and visiting wineries in Missouri.

Click here for 5 easy steps to becoming a wine connoisseur on a low budget.

And if you are wondering about some of those wine gadgets on the market, check out this blog post for a few reviews of several good items to purchase along with your wine.

And for the not-so-essential gadgets, this post has a fun variety of wine-related gifts specifically aimed at men.  You’ll find things like this manly cork remover:

The next link is more of  a professional-interest article from Decanter.com.  It caught my eye this week that the synthetic cork company we use, Nomacorc, has reported a strong increase in sales in the last 10 years.  (I’ll understand if most of you don’t find the article as interesting as I did!)

Here’s another way to cook with red wine that sounds oh-so-delectable: red wine chocolate cake.  Please invite me over if you make this cake…I’ll bring the wine to pair with it!  😀

Finally, a little eye candy for you art lovers out there.  I thought last week’s heart sculpture was pretty fun, but cork artist Scott Gundersun just blew me away with his amazing cork portraits.  WOW and Cheers!

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2 Responses to “WWWW #5

  • Linda Madsen
    6 years ago

    Last year I bought a case of your wine when I was in Pelosi at the Elderhostel. This year my friend is going to attend the Y camp and I’m hoping that they will have a field trip to Peaceful Bend as we did so that she can buy me another case. My question is: Can I give her a check made out to you for 6 bottles of Yadkin Creek and 6 of Whittenburg? Please let me know if that’s ok and also how much it will be.

    Thank you.

  • Deborah Lee
    6 years ago

    Of course you know I would have to try the red wine chocolate cake recipe. Didn’t have any yogurt on hand so used sour cream. Seemed to work as well. It was delish – especially with vanilla ice cream. As Mike would say, “it’s a keeper!”