WWWW #11

I found lots of great stuff on the web this week, so grab a glass of wine and check out a few of my favorite links!

Do you own an iphone?  If so, check out this great missouri wine app!

And for those who like to read up on the basics of serving wine, check out this article about whether decanting wine is worth it.  Or check out this article about the importance of chilling your red wine.

And for those of you interested in the health benefits of wine, here is an article about resveratrol and breast cancer cell reduction.

Recycling and up-cycling are all the rage, and this week brought two articles on that theme.  Here are 5 up-cycled wine gifts, and if you are simply giving a bottle of wine, then here is a great way to wrap that bottle – you could easily use up old paper grocery bags with the instructions.

Finally, onto my favorite: food!  This article helps demystify wine-and-food pairing rules.   If you just want to dig in and cook up something, try this roasted fig recipe – it sounds delicious.  I’m available to help judge the results, if needed! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this week’s wine web wanderings.  Come back on Friday when I’ll introduce you to the musician we’ll be hosting here on Saturday afternoon.  Cheers!

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