Autumn Color at the Winery

I’ve been complaining a bit lately that we just didn’t have much color down here this year. For the most part, it’s true. But I realized today that maybe I was just heading out too early in the season.

This morning brought out all the golden yellow, rust, orange, and touches of deep red against a backdrop of a few green trees which was truly lovely.

Here’s what I saw:

Our hayfield smells so delicious right now…just like warm bread, fresh out of the oven.

I have yet to learn how to really capture the color of the sky and still keep the landscape light enough, but this picture comes close to what colors were out at the end of the hayfield.

Heading down the trail to the river, all our maple trees are turning now – mostly yellow but with some of the brilliant oranges that I know they are capable of!

It’s pretty windy today, but definitely warm enough that I was wishing I was in a kayak on the river.  Ah well…what can you do but enjoy the bittersweet instead…

One lone pine tree down near the water is hosting this vine.

And finally, I was not alone today while I hiked around:

Pepe and Maggie decided to leave their spots on the front porch and join me.  It looks like they had fun too.

I hope you have a chance to get out and enjoy whatever color is around your neck of the woods!

3 Replies to “Autumn Color at the Winery”

  1. You would think that here in Florida we wouldn’t have “fall” colors, but there are certain trees that bloom in the autumn that signify our fall season. One is the golden poinciana which blooms in September and really gets my nose running and eyes watering. The other tree, I think they call it the dollar tree (don’t know the official name) is blooming now with beautiful pinkish silver dollar sized “blooms”. It’s one of my favorites.

  2. I think we used to have some dried ‘coins’ from the dollar tree decorating a corner in the house somewhere. I’ve never seen them in bloom though – sounds like an interesting time to visit!

  3. Great photo of the dogs. And the fall colors are impressive, too! It would be fun if grape vines gave as much impressive color as they do fruit.

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