WWWW #12

This week brought a crop of great wine-education articles.  Study up on the basics, or get a bit more in-depth with the following links:

  • This great general article explaining what wine is, classifications, practices, etc.
  • Find out how oak barrels influence the wine in this article.
  • Always wanted to open a bottle up like a professional?  Check out this video for instructions on how to open a bottle of wine like a sommalier!
  • Is your collection of wine bottles growing quickly?  This brief article explores what to think about when deciding whether to build a wine cellar.
  • If you like hosting parties, check out this article for tips on hosting a wine tasting party.
  • And if you and friends are thinking about creating a wine club, then check out this article for tips and suggestions on forming a club.
  • Finally for the crafty folks out there, the mural maker shows how she paints cute little pumpkins on her yard-sale wine glasses.