WWWW #16

I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving last week and had fun with whatever wine you served with dinner.  We drank a Cabernet and a Dry Creek with our dinners – both were good, but I preferred the Dry Creek!

In spite of the holiday (or maybe because of it) there were lots of wine articles to go through this past week.  Here’s what caught my eye:

  • Cool wine gadget alert: Here’s a review of the Ravi wine chiller – a little unit that sits on top of your bottle and keeps your wine cold for up to an hour and a half.
  • And have you ever looked at a French wine term and wondered how to pronounce those foriegn words?  Me?  I just say hee hee hee hanh hanh hanh through my nose, lift my eyebrow and call it good.  But if you don’t want to be a goofball, then check out this site for a small french pronunciation guide.
  • Apparently, there is a correct way to swirl the wine in your wineglass. Complete with a video and math for you engineers out there.
  • On the health front, a Dutch study is showing that resveratrol – a compound found in red wine – may help the overall health of overweight men.  Note that this study was not done using wine, just a supplement of resveratrol.
  • Wine and food pairing myth exposed: asparagus may actually be tasty when served with wine!  Read all about it here…or go out and experiment on your own.  🙂
  • Finally, for those of you crafty folks out there, this blog post has some fun projects to reuse wine corks.  She features cute little cork stoppers made from spools of thread.  What will I be trying today?   Carving my own stamps from corks, of course!  Just look at how adorable they are:
Of course, I should be splitting up some wood for our woodstove.  But we have enough wood until tomorrow, so off I go to carve up a few corks.  Cheers!

Winter Has Arrived at the Winery

Last night I looked out our kitchen window to see big fat snow flakes flying by.  The flakes were quickly followed by sleet, and this morning it’s all melting away pretty fast.  But it was just enough inspiration to finally get me in the holiday mood.  I’m looking forward to putting up the tree and decorations in the salesroom this week now!

And what was I doing in the kitchen last night?  (Hee hee…many of you know that Clyde does 3/4 of the general cooking around here, so finding me in the kitchen is a rare sight!)  I was trying out a new recipe – mussels in wine sauce – and we loved it!  Here’s a photo to drool over:

If you want the recipe, I’ll be sharing it in the December email newsletter in a couple of days.  Click here to sign up for the once-a-month newsletter.

What is your favorite way to warm up on a cold winter night?


Happy Thanksgiving!

Clyde and I hope everyone enjoys a wonderful Thanksgiving Day today.  We truly appreciate your business this past year and hope to see you again soon.

The tasting room is closed today, but we will reopen on Friday and the rest of the weekend for our normal hours.  Cheers!