Winter Has Arrived at the Winery

Last night I looked out our kitchen window to see big fat snow flakes flying by.  The flakes were quickly followed by sleet, and this morning it’s all melting away pretty fast.  But it was just enough inspiration to finally get me in the holiday mood.  I’m looking forward to putting up the tree and decorations in the salesroom this week now!

And what was I doing in the kitchen last night?  (Hee hee…many of you know that Clyde does 3/4 of the general cooking around here, so finding me in the kitchen is a rare sight!)  I was trying out a new recipe – mussels in wine sauce – and we loved it!  Here’s a photo to drool over:

If you want the recipe, I’ll be sharing it in the December email newsletter in a couple of days.  Click here to sign up for the once-a-month newsletter.

What is your favorite way to warm up on a cold winter night?


2 Replies to “Winter Has Arrived at the Winery”

  1. It was cold this AM when I got into the car.

    I guess it’s time for me to start our Christmas decorations too!

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