WWWW #20 – the last of 2011

Here we are at the last Wednesday of the month.  I hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday season so far!  With the new year just around the corner, I seem to be on an organizing kick….and contemplating a few resolutions too.  Before I get too carried away, I think I’ll dig into the last Wine Web Wandering Wednesday of 2011.  Hope you find some interesting reading in here!

There were many year-end ‘best of’ lists this week, but I have to admit they started to get a bit boring to me so I’m not sharing here.  The one article focused on contemplating 2011 that I really enjoyed was written by Wine Spectator’s Matt Kramer who recounted his personal wine lessons of 2011.

Did you receive money over the holidays?  If you are considering buying a wine cooler with that money, the points in this blog post will help guide you in making a decision on what style to purchase.

Going out to eat this week?  Read this article to see whether you should take your own wine glass or not.

And finally we’ll end with a health article.  According to this blurb in the New York Times, beer and martinis might just provide the same health benefits as wine.

So that’s the last ’round-up of articles for 2011.  I hope you’ve found some interesting reading in these segments this year.  I plan to continue the series next year, so check back in on January 4 for a new installment.  Cheers!