WWWW #22

I’m back for a very short WWWW entry this week.  I’m afraid  I didn’t do too much wine reading this past week, as we were in MI for half of it, and then getting back into the swing of things around the winery for the second half.

But I do have two items that caught my eye.  The first is a bit of bad news…one of the researchers investigating the health factors of resveratrol in grapes has been accused of  fabricating data.  Read more about it here.

And on a more informative note, Jancis Robinson has a thoughtful blog post about high alcohol wines here.

So that’s all the reading I have for you this week.  Now that I’m back to my (basically) normal routine, I should have more to share with you in upcoming weeks.  Cheers everyone!

Good News

While we were on vacation, the TTB was hard at work approving our new Grapes of Raft labels.  Now we just need to get printing quotes, print them up, stick them to the bags and fill ‘er up!

Here’s a sneak peek at what the new bags will loook like (front and back)…


 What do you think?  I hope you like them, since getting an approval for the new labels was a bit tougher than we anticipated.  We’ll be inflating bags with a dry red wine, a dry white, a semi-sweet white, a semi-sweet red and of course, the ‘flagraft’ Sweet Pink Wine!  I’ll let you all know here on the blog when they are available for sale again, but I anticipate that it will be a month or more before most of these will be on the shelf.  The exception to that will be the Sweet Pink GOR, which we hope to have bagged soon.

Also in the spirit of holding our feet to the fire – we are currently planning on bottling Courtois and Whittenburg late this week.  I’ll be sure to post here once we have those available again too.


Happy MLK Day

I thought I’d share a favorite Martin Luther King quote with you –

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.

This is an especially fitting quote for the month of January when many of us are embarking on new resolutions and it seems like an uphill climb without an end in sight.  Great to have a day to reflect on the the life of this great man and how he was able to inspire us all to keep taking steps forward.

On a totally different note, Clyde and I just arrived back home on Saturday morning from a week-long vacation.  Our neighbor Crystal over at Murphy’s Place kept our dogs while we were gone and took great care of them.  Of course, as soon as we unpacked our bags, we couldn’t wait to see our ‘pups’ again!

This morning was the first walk I’ve had time to take with Maggie and Pepe since we arrived home again.  It was so warm, we headed down the river path to check out what new smells might have developed over the week.

Those two are always out in front of me, sniffing the ground, sniffing the air, digging in the dirt and running off after a squirrel or occasional rabbit.

Of course a long walk makes a doggie thirsty, so we always climb down the bank so that Maggie and Pepe can get to the water.  They’ll drink their fill, and then they engage in an odd ritual.

Can you see what they are doing down there?  Not quite?  I’ll zoom in….

They are licking the old concrete next to the water!  Weird.  I never see them lick anything else like this, so there must be something on those rocks that taste good. I suppose it probably tastes a bit salty (but it sure seems like a rough way to get your salt in!).   Maybe they are in dire need of a few customer treats? 🙂