Pepe the mooch

I’m sorry to say that I have not done any wine reading this past week, so I don’t have a W4 entry for you.  However, I thought maybe I’d make up for it with this adorable photo of our dog Pepe mooching food from a customer on Sunday this past weekend.

I remember the first day we noticed Pepe climbing up in a chair to sit at a table just as if he were a human.  He was about 6 months old at the time and we laughed so much at how adorable he was sitting in that chair.

Pepe quickly learned the benefits of sitting in a chair included extra food and love from our customers.  Nowadays Clyde and I just shake our heads in reconciled amusement.

This photo was taken in a series to come up with our facebook page’s new banner.  The shot above didn’t make the cut, so if you’re curious, head on over to our page.  While you are there, let us know what you think of the photo I ended up choosing for the banner.  Cheers!

Peaceful Bend Named the Rural Missourian Editor’s Choice for the Best Winery in MO!

Yippee!  Customer Pam Ray brought us this exciting news this morning on our Facebook Page!  Thanks so much Pam for alerting us.  And a huge thanks to Meghan at the Rural Missourian for featuring our winery in this year’s Best of Rural Missouri awards in the April issue.  Find the digital version online by clicking here (just be sure you have a high speed connection).  We’re on page 22, about half way down the page.

Want to check out what all the fuss is about?  Come on down and visit us!  Girl’s Day Out is this coming Saturday (and hey, the men are welcome too….just stay out of our chocolate!).  Alyssa Forbes will be playing, local vendors, massages, door prizes, crafts, food, and wine tasting are all planned from 1-4pm.  Plus, we’ve arranged to have every single spring flower in bloom for you to enjoy on your drive here. 🙂  There’s no charge to attend, so grab your BFF’s and plan a day in the countryside with us.  Hope you can make it!

WWWW #29

This week’s wine web wandering wednesday is pretty light I’m afraid.  I didn’t spend as much time wandering the web unfortunately as we’ve been picking up in activities around here.  I did glean a few articles of interest though – hope you enjoy them!

Dan Berger reports that there are good wines to be found throughout the U.S., not just on the west coast.  Read about some of the states with interesting wines (including Missouri!)  here.

Are you a fan of the wine critic Robert Parker?  If so, you might have already caught his interview with Liv-ex recently.  This synopsis of the interview hints at Parker’s view of a replacement for him waaaay off in the future.

Consumer Traveler has a helpful article about ordering wine at a restaurant here.

And finally, for those you interested in the politics of the wine and spirits industry, here is an article about the CARE act being ‘taken off the table.”