WWWW #33

This week kicked off with an Earth Day celebration on Sunday – did you do anything to celebrate?  I noticed a couple of wine cork recycling projects that I’ve shared with you below in this week’s Wine Web Wandering Wednesday.  Plus I have three wine education links too.

First up, those recycling projects I spoke of earlier.  This lifehacker  article shows how to use corks as garden markers.  I shared this on our facebook page on Sunday, and lots of folks seemed to like the idea!  Unfortunately, we don’t have a BevMo retailer here, but if we did I would definitely donate wine corks to be used to create attractive foot gear!  Learn about that project here.

Wine education this week falls into the ‘102’ category in my opinion.  101 links are all about wine basics, then 102 goes a bit more in depth on focused issues.  So this week you can find out all about whether wine glasses make a difference in the wine tasting experience.  And you can also read about something called ‘hyperdecanting’.  I’ve never tried hyperdecanting myself as I like to keep thing pretty simple when it comes to serving wine…..but it was interesting to read about Ms. Shreeves at-home experiment in any case.

Of course, all the hyperdecanting and the best quality wine glasses in the world may not make one whit of difference to you.  This article debates whether wine expertise is genetic and what the ramifications are for us all if it is indeed genetic.  Personally, I think that while most of us may not be ‘super-tasters’, we all can enjoy wine at whatever level we want to take our tasting experience.

That’s it for this week; I hope you’ve had fun checking out the links!  I might have jury duty tomorrow & Friday.  If so, Clyde will be working the salesroom – you might need to dig him out of the cellar, but he’ll be happy to come upstairs to serve you.  Cheers!

WWWW #32

This week sure flew by!  I had a great time checking out some of the wine-related links and articles.  Hope you enjoy this wee’ds crop of Wine Web Wandering Wednesday links!

In the education category this week, the kitchn.com has another entry about wine words – this week focused on ‘sweetness.’  And for a more in-depth look at the wine judging, you might want to check this article which has a video accompaniment about the wine scoring system used in many of the wine magazines and competitions.  The video is more of a primer, while the write-up below the video goes a bit more into specifics.

You may already know that April is Women’s History month and unfortunately I haven’t seen any articles about women in the wine industry yet much.  However, Tom Wark has an interesting blog entry –  not really about women’s history, but about the role women currently play in the CA wine industry.

If you are a proponent of the legalization of marijuana, then you might be interested in this article about marijuana infused wines.

And the last link I have for you today goes in the art category.  It is a video titled ‘Wine’ and showcases musician See Joo Yang and illustrator Claudia Madera.  The visuals do remind me a bit of wine stains (the music I would describe as a classically inspired modern instrumental), but there isn’t a whole lot about wine in the video.  I’m not sure how many of you this two and a half minute video will appeal to – let me know what you think of it in the comments and if you want me to include things like this in the WWWW entries in the future.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s round up.  Cheers!

Surprise and Happy Birthday!

This past Saturday, a customer hosted a surprise birthday party for his wife here at the winery.  We’ve known this couple for a number of years, and it was so much fun to be a part of the celebration!

Ed contacted me a few months ago to arrange for a surprise birthday party for his wife Sandy.  They were supposedly going to head into St. Louis to go to the casino to celebrate.  Just before leaving they received a call from another friend who ‘just happened’ to be in the area.  Of course Ed and Sandy swung by the winery to chat with their friends before heading into the city.

So that was the ruse to get Sandy to the winery on Saturday.  The friends met them on the porch and told them they just ‘had to check out this crazy mural in the wine cellar!’  So down to the wine garden and towards the cellar door they went.  The cellar door opened, and all their family and friends yelled ‘Surprise!’  That’s when I caught this fun shot:

I love all those big smiles and out-stretched arms!  Sandy was definitely surprised and had a great time.  She even had a second surprise later when Ed gave a birthday speech and had her turn around to find her kids and grandkids in from Texas to help celebrate!  I have more photos of the afternoon up on our facebook page if you’d like to check out a bit more of the celebration.

Thanks for hosting the surprise here Ed.  And happy, happy birthday Sandy – I hope you treasure the memories of your afternoon here for many years to come!