WWWW #31

It was a good wine week on the web with lots of health news, a great recipe and a few ‘101’ articles.  Grab a glass of your favorite wine and settle in to check out this week’s WWWW selection!

I’m jumping right into health news, with an important recall update.  Click here if you own a painted ceramic wine goblet.

On much happier wine-related health news, this article explains that red wine may help prevent fat.  Good to know as I down my fatty cheese with my red wine! 🙂  And a University of Illinois study reports that drinking a glass of wine might even make you smarter (at solving brain teasers!).

Two articles jumped out at me that fall in the ‘wine 101’ category.  If you’ve ever wondered what causes the ‘legs’ in wine, then click here for an explanation.  The second article is from the Gloucester Times, whose author gives out some advice for when you are at a wine tasting party and trying multiple wine from the same glass.

Finally a few more things that just go in the ‘cool stuff’ category.  This red wine chicken & mushroom recipe sounds delicious!  While this is an awesome idea for storing your wine glasses when not in use.  And finally, this packaging just looks so cool – great idea.  Unfortunately it isn’t available outside of California, but if anyone visits out there, keep your eyes peeled!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s WWWW.  Cheers!