Harvest of a different kind

Since the mobile bottling line got so much wine finished so quickly, Clyde has been able to do a little gardening this year.  He has all sorts of vegetables plus a few flowers that he planted this spring.  We’ve picked a bit of basil already, but this week things are really starting to ripen.  He’s brought in two cucumbers, a sunflower and a gourd so far.  Actually, the gourd was a volunteer out back, but since it’s right next to the pumpkins that Clyde planted, I’m calling it part of his garden!  Plus the yellow tomatoes are finally starting to turn color, so it won’t be too long for those either.

I took the chance to try a few shots indoors of the gourd and the sunflower.  It’s too hot to do much of anything else these days!

What do you think of these?  I’m counting them as some of my photo homework as we were supposed to practice with weird lighting situations. Our salesroom’s florescent lights definitely make for some weird light!

We are considering moving wine tasting down into the cellar for the weekend since it’s so blazing hot out right now.  Our old air conditioner is having a tough time with this 100+ degree heat.  Come join us and cool off by hugging a 1000 gallon refridgerated stainless steel wine tank!  Cheers!

Gearing up for the Fourth of July

Summer is in full sizzle here at Peaceful Bend.  I’ve been surfing the internest looking for some fun recipes for the 4th of July holiday, since celebrations are coming up quick.  And believe you me, if I’ve seen one red, white and blue jello mold or a cake topped with white frosting and stripes of strawberries and blueberries, I’ve seen them all.

I was hoping for something a little less….well….typical, I suppose.  Fortunately, interspersed with the jello/cake melange, there were several recipes that caught my eye which fit my criteria for both originality and fresh ingredients.

Here are four that are in serious contention for my food contribution during the Fourth of July Sparkle Farkle Tournament we’ll be hosting:

What are you planning for the Fourth of July?  Come on out and join us on the afternoon of the fourth for some laid back fun.  Bring a dish to share and plan on learning one of our favorite games around here – Farkle.  Don’t worry, farkle is incredibly easy to play, and the winner will receive a bottle of wine of their choice – so come on out and celebrate with us!


WWWW #38

It’s that time again for your weekly wine reads!

But, if you aren’t too excited about reading, then check out this video of someone playing the theme to Harry Potter using wine glasses.  A complete time waster, but a musical one!

In health news, we have an article that is preaching to the choir (har har…best tie-in or worst ever??  Let me know in the comments) about the effects of moderate wine drinking on your happiness level.

And the economy is certainly not helping many happiness levels these days.  But a couple of wine economic articles may help a bit.  If you are a wine collector, you might be interested to know that the famous auction house Christie’s is now offering online wine auctions.  That news is sure to help increase your wine investments.

But beware!  Don’t buy the wine based on it’s name along.  Apparently we are willing to purchase hard-to-pronounce wines for a lot more money those those bottles that roll off the tongue easily.

Speaking of tongues, I’m going to end this weeks’ wine article round up (and thankfully this also brings the bad tie-ins to an end as well!) with a great poached salmon recipe.   I suggest using our Courtois or Harvest Mist wine in the recipe.

Hope you enjoyed the articles this week.  Cheers!