2012 Trio video

Hi all!  I’m sorry to be so absent this week on the blog, but the wine cellar concert kept me hopping since Thursday.  And then there is always the paperwork aftermath of catching up with the things I haven’t wanted to do while so many neat people were around. I’m just about caught up today though, and I had enough time to edit a video of the concert Saturday night.

As you may have already known about, this year the Jacques Thibaud Trio is a string trio again with the addition of Hannah Strijbos on the viola.  I found out on Friday that this concert was Hannah’s first visit to the U.S., thus it was the first time these three have played together in the U.S.  So of course, that meant I needed a video of the first notes that were played here in our cellar!

So here is the first movement of the first piece of music played by the Jacques Thibaud String Trio’s inaugural U.S. concert!

I hope you enjoyed this taste of the concert Saturday night.  Clyde and I send out our deepest thanks to those at Brewer Science and Arts Rolla for making this concert a reality.  We also want to thank Burky, Hannah, and the Bogdosaurus for all the wonderful music, laughs, and great conversation this past weekend.  Cheers to you all!

P.S. – if you need a little WWWW love this week, check out this article about wearing wine (and I don’t mean as a stain!).