Homework & Cellar Recording Studio

Hi all!  I’ve signed up for a STARCO art class this summer – a digital photography class taught by the owner of our local newspaper.  I feel like I’m finally getting a handle on this whole ISO, aperture, shutter speed thing.  I’m sharing a few photos of my homework from this week.  The photos are a long ways from good, but I have learned oodles and will be back out taking more shots of the garden later this weekend.

Before I get to the garden pictures, I thought I’d share photos from last night.  Local musician (and talented teen!) Alyssa Forbes came by to record a demo tape while our cellar is still more concert hall than working winery.  Chris Case came in to record her, and I of course set up my camera to try out a few shots.  Here are a few that I wish I had different settings on my camera, but were fun even so….

There’s Alyssa firing up her voice and getting into a song.  Just when she got going, the phone rang and I quickly ran to cut it off.  So to whoever called last night around 8:30pm, I’m sorry I had to unplug the phone on you.  Hopefully you understand why I did now though!

There’s Chris adjusting the microphones while Alyssa practices another song.  I was so impressed by Alyssa’s ability to adjust to any direction that Chris gave her.

In the middle of the recording session, Chris and Alyssa took a little time out to play together on a song.  Their duet wasn’t taped, but it sure was fun to listen to last night.  I’m so glad that I gave up on doing laundry! (PS – next time I’m speeding up my shutter speed, or lowering my ISO! Sorry to blind you with all those highlights.)

And now for the garden shots.  One homework project was to take a shot from close, closer and closest…meaning we were to choose a subject and photograph it from a distance away and then on subsequent shots get progressively get closer to the subject.

I chose the lavender in Clyde’s new garden since it has just started blooming.  I’m not bothering with the photo from farthest away – it was pretty boring!  But here is the closer and closest shots:

There’s the mid-distance shot.

And the close-up shot.  What do you think?  Can you hear the lavender saying “Please let it rain soon!”?

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.  Come on out and share your photo knowledge with me if you have time. Cheers!

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  1. My cheapie camera died and I bought a new one, not realizing new electronics don’t come with manuals any more. Have spent the last week trying to get one, but they only exist online and not even in a PDF form that I can download. Shame on you Sony!!! I had planned on taking some classes, but I think I will probably spend the summer printing out the manual and trying to figure out how to turn the thing on!! 🙂 Good luck with your shooting. I may just shoot the camera and take up another non-techie hobby!

  2. Haha….nooooooo – don’t shoot, don’t shoot! I can’t believe they don’t have a pdf manual for your camera – that’s crazy. What kind of camera do you have?

    I’ve got the same compact Fuji S5200 that we bought five or six years ago. It’s been good to use and taught me a lot, but I’ve been wanting to take it to the next level for a while. Dad is kindly giving me a new camera once he’s done using it in Europe, so I decided to take this class and be more prepared to use it when I have it in my hot little hands. I can see now that I’ve got some practicing to do!

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