WWWW #37

Before I get to articles today, I have this to share from last night:

I spent the afternoon painting Jefferson City red with my pal Laura from Wenwood Farm Winery yesterday afternoon.  I didn’t want the party to end so when I got back home, Clyde and I painted the night here at the winery! 🙂  That’s clyde trying his hand at ‘light painting’ our logo.

And Clyde made this wine glass too – I was impressed that he got such a good glass shape on his first try!  And finally I got in on the action by outlining Clyde in a silly pose:

This was a LOT of fun until the batteries ran out on my camera and Clyde headed back inside. 🙁  If you have a flashlight and a camera that will allow the shutter to stay open for at least 4 or 5 seconds, I highly recommend giving this technique a go.  Just be sure to put extra batteries in your pocket!

So here are this week’s wine articles.  There aren’t too many as I ended up spending a lot of time reading photo articles instead of wine articles. 🙁

In health news, this article outlines new research about alcohol levels and heart health.

Do you ever think about investing in bottled wine?  Read this article for the current state of wine collecting economics.

And if you want to get completely grossed out, you can read this article for zombies looking to pair wine with…well…ewwww.  Truthfully, this article definitely isn’t informative nor is it for the weak of stomach. I’m not exactly sure why I’m posting it other than it was so different from everything else I ran across this week.

That’s it for today.  Hope you have fun reading and if you try light painting photography, be sure to share a link with your photos with me in the comment section below.  Cheers!