WWWW #40

Amazingly enough, here we are at the 40th Wine Web Wandering Wednesday.  Time sure flies when you are enjoying a good read.  Although my dad once said that the internet is a black hole for time, so maybe that sentiment fits these entries a bit better!

Anyways…whether enjoying a good read or being sucked into a black hole, I hope you can sit back with a glass of your favorite wine to enjoy this week’s WWWW entry.

An big archeological find in China was reported in several places this week.  You can read about the second largest wine urn (found with liquid inside!) or you can watch short video about it here.

Wine investments were also in the wine web world – I have to agree with this writer that wine is meant to be consumed, but he gives a good explanation of the downfall of the global wine investment category.

This article delves into whether you can really taste differences in wine based on the types of soil the grapes were grown.

And finally, are you currently living in Southwest Missouri (or just plan to visit there sometime soon)?  This article is a great resource for the wineries down in that section of our great state.

Hope you enjoyed the 40th WWWW entry!  Cheers!