Show & Tell: Necklace

I’ve decided to do a new feature here on the blog I’m calling Show & Tell.  These entries will feature those of you who come by the winery and catch my eye in some way.  Maybe it will be a piece of jewelry you are wearing, a funny t-shirt, a family heirloom you show me, your adorable doggie, your nails….I don’t know what exactly will catch my eye, but I’ll share it with you all here when it does!

So for our first Show and Tell I am featuring Alice Miller and her fabulous necklace:

 I love all the color on the bobbles and the texture.  Alice said she picked this necklace up at her local hospital’s gift shop. Such a fun piece!

Alice’s husband, Bob, gave me a great cooking idea too.  They both love the Sweet River White to drink and use in their cooking.  Bob cuts up whatever veggies he has on hand, and browns the veggies in a skillet along with pork cutlets, chicken, or kielbasa.  Then he pours about a 1/2 cup or so of Sweet River White into the skillet, puts the cover on the skillet and continues cooking until the meat is cooked through.  That sounds super easy and a great excuse to open a bottle of Sweet River White!

I hope you enjoyed this first Show & Tell.  Maybe you’ll be featured next!  Cheers.

2 Replies to “Show & Tell: Necklace”

  1. Katie…..I love your new idea! And I agree…..Alice’s necklace is beautiful! By the way, hospital gift shops are great places to buy gifts for anybody (even yourself), not just the patient. And… are winery shops! See you soon…..Blessings…..Jill

  2. Thanks Jill! And next time I’m in a hospital, I’ll be sure to check out the gift shop….although, the winery shop sounds like much more fun. 🙂

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